Ayur Packages

Basic Ayurveda Treatments


This is the applications of medicated oil all over the body for a specific period of time as advised by the physician. This helps in curing problems of vatha, sleeplessness, fatigue and ensures a healthy life.

Duration: 45minutes
Amount: 1500


A special herbal mixture is used to massage the whole body. This is very effective to improve complexion and tones up the body and cures cellulites.

Duration: 45minutes
Amount: 1500


The body is subjected to a medicated steam inside a wooden chamber for 15-20 minutes. This helps to reduce impurities and improves blood circulation.

Duration: 15minutes
Amount: 500


There are different kinds of facials with different herbal pastes. This rejuvenates the facial skin and is effective for blackheads and wrinkles.

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 800


This is a panchakarma treatment in which a medicated oil or herbal  juice is dripped into the nostrils. This cleansing treatment is effective for sinusitis,
headache, facial paralysis and some mental disorders

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 600


This is the application of herbal paste for various type of inflammatory conditions, gout, arthritis and skin diseases.

Duration: 45minutes
Amount: 800


In this treatment medicinal leaves, powders or cooked medicinal rice is tied up in a  cloth bag and massage is done with it. This is very effective for pain,stiffness, rheumatism, muscle wasting etc.

Duration: 45minutes
Amount: Elakkizhi 1500, Podikkizhi 1500, Navarakkizhi 2500/-


Warm medicated oil is kept on the lower back in a herbal paste boundary. This is useful in low back pain, lumbar spondylosis and other problems of the lower back

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 1200/-



Medicated oil or milk or butter milk is poured on the forehead in a rhythmic way. This is effective for stress, mental tension, insomnia and loss of memory.

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 2500/-


Warm herbal oils are poured all over the body followed by a light massage in a specific manner. This is useful in rheumatism, arthritis, hemiplegia, nervous disorders etc.

Duration: 45minutes
Amount: 3000/-


Massage is done on the head in a special way. This is very good for relaxation and gives  good sleep.

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 600/-

Leg Massage

A  gentle massage of the leg with ayurvedic  oil.

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 650/-

Back massage

A massage of the back and spine, helps for body mobility

Duration: 30minutes
Amount: 1000/-

Notes :

* For Ladies - on their menstrual period, no Ayurvedic therapies will be carried out.
* Please go through the Rules and regulations to follow before deciding ayurveda treatments
* Method & Duration will be based on the health condition of the guest.
* Taxes extra.
* Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Special Ayur Packages


Our body cells and tissues undergo degenerative changes as the days pass. This therapy helps to rejuvenate the mind and body. The treatments include abhyangam, face pack, sirodhara, steam bath, kizhi  etc.

Duration: 3 to 14days
Amount: 3000/day


People experience stress and mental tension from job, personal life and many other factors. This therapy is a combination of treatments to calm down the body, mind and soul. The treatments include abhyangam, sirodhara, thalam etc.

Duration: 3 to 14days
Amount: 3000/day


This is the weight reduction programme. Treatments include medicate powder massage , steam bath, oil massage and intake of herbal medicines. A special diet is to be followed.

Duration: 14 to 28days
Amount: 3500/day


This therapy is to protect the entire vertrebal column. It also helps in curing  cervical and lumbar spondylitis, discprolapse etc. The treatments include kizhi, pizhichu, kativasthy, galavasthy.

Duration: 5 to 21days
Amount: 3000/day


This therapy helps to increase the complexion and skin tone. Treatments include cream massage, powder massage, herbal facepack, herbal steam bath and body packs.

Duration: 5 to 21 days
Amount: 3000/day


It is the process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vatha, Pitta and Kapha. It lubricates the natural channels of the body. This treatment consist of Abhyangam, Nasyam, Virechanam, Snehavasti, Njavarakizhi, Karnapoornam, Sirovasti, Steam bath etc.

Duration: 7 to 14days
Amount: 3500/day


Ayur Rehabilitation Pack
Ayur Arthritis Pack
Ayur Migraine Pack
Ayur Muscular Dystrophy Pack

The treatments/Duration in this package will be decided by the consulting doctor according to the condition of the individual

The package includes

Welcome drink on arrival.
Food full board ( Ayurvedic diet)
Consultation with an ayurvedic doctor
Ayurvedic treatment program
Internal medicines till the duration of stay
Room will be charged extra