Ayur Resorts follow the authentic and the traditional Ayurveda principles, and the treatments are decided by the consulting Doctors after meeting the Guest. The Doctors will supervise the treatments and day to day requirements of the Guest. We also have some leisure activities to entertain you and your guests.

During the courses of the ayurveda treatment the guests are requested to keep movements to the minimum and follow instructions strictly. Internal medicines which can be sour in taste can be bought in consultation with our doctor for general well being.The treatment details will be explained by the therapists and any clarifications can be sought from the doctor on duty. Dress code during the treatment will have to be maintained.

NB: During Menstrual flow the treatment will not be administered

Cable Television and wifi are operated in all rooms for your comnfort and pleasure. For the literary minded , a limited library is available. The reception desk can be contacted for further details.

Yoga and meditation are not part of the treatment however if interested classes can be arranged on a payment in consultation with the doctor.

Guest undergoing treatment will be on a diet as advised by the doctor. Any other additional requirement will be charged extra as per the menu. Our multi cusine restaurant caters to your differnt taste buds.

Ayur is a non-alcholic, non-smoking property and it is expected that guest do confrom to these regulations. Any deviation in these terms would be a violation of rules and the mangement has the right to take steps to ensure the same.